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Languages pro provides one-stop-shop for accurate Urdu translation services. Languages pro proudly announces translation services from Urdu to English and English to Urdu. Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language that serves as basic language of communication in Asian countries like India, Pakistan etc. Urdu has borrowed a heavy vocabulary from many other languages including Arabic, Turkic, Persian and few others. We provide translation services from Urdu to more than 100 different languages, which include Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Pashto, and many other languages. For complete list of languages, leaf through our site or email us and we will respond you as soon as possible.


In order to achieve success and efficiencies in Urdu translation services, we have a ‘Never-Before-Seen’ kind of workflow methodology with a tested framework. Our quality assurance structure also underscores speed, accuracy, and absolute translation, thereby yielding to nonstop customer satisfaction and retention. If you are a newcomer this time, rest assure that you will come back as a loyal customer hereafter.


As English to Urdu translation and Urdu to English translation is helmed by certified native translators, they rightly know that Urdu is inscribed in the Perso-Arabic script called Nasta'liq, that was changed and stretched to absorb a distinctively South Asian pattern of speech sounds. Urdu arose after the incursions of subcontinent of India by Turkic dynasties from the 11th century onwards. Languages pro provide certified translation from Urdu to English and vice versa. Hiring our services mean believing in perfection. Whether you want to meet the standards of Urdu medical translation or you yearn for police and court approved Urdu legal translation, you can blindly reckon on Urdu translation services by Languages Pro, LLC.


As language veterans, we only hire the best and up-to-the-mark qualified native Urdu translators who work tirelessly and devote the same level of attention and resources to every project. Languages pro assures you that you will always get a high-status Urdu translation service with fast turnaround. As we have an out-and-out language team standing by, we can help you in face-to-face Urdu interpreting, Telephonic Urdu translation and Interpreting, Urdu legal translation and Interpreting, Urdu medical translation and many others. Languages pro is a company that work with tons of professional linguists to guarantee the availability of translation services in wide range of languages. Languages pro is a place where translation is always at its optimum. Click or call us and feel the difference yourself.

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