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Languages Pro offers you a network of professional linguists that have the skills and experience to help companies, government agencies, and individuals communicate one on one or in large group settings with speakers of other languages. We have top credentials so that you can communicate in a number of situations with effectiveness and confidence. Whether you yearn to include medical interpreter in your organization or you crave for a professional court interpreter, you can count on our one-stop-shopping platform right away. Our breadth of expertise provides high quality and accurate interpretation services in a range of languages. Do you need help with…





Client Meetings


Medical Appointments

Employee Interviews

Recorded Statements


Phone Calls

Trips to other nations

Foreign guests


If so, contact us today and we can guide you through the process and determine the best style of interpretive services for your audience. We offer:

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is most often used in one on one or interview settings. In this popular style of interpretation, the speaker presents a few sentences or a response to a question and the then pauses. The interpreter then smoothly steps in to render the correct interpretation into the other language. Many people are accustomed to this style of interpretation, and it is one of our most requested services. If you want to include medical interpreter for your company, look no further than ‘Languages Pro’ because medical interpretation is a skill that we have in abundance. Where others try to get out of the complexities involved in medical terminology, we accept the challenge of providing out-of-the-box interpretation.


Simultaneous Interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation, the comments are taken in and translated immediately, giving the appearance of simultaneous interpretation. This type of interpretation takes a certain amount of skill and experience. Simultaneous interpretation is most often rendered in a large meeting or conference setting in which one speaker has the floor and the audience members are provided with special headsets. Wireless receivers with the headsets enable the audience to hear the speaker’s presentation in the language of their choice and with reduced background noise. Recognizing the need for assistance in trial courts, our current court interpreter translates with superb accuracy and understanding under extreme pressure. We provide head-on interpretation in the court with flawless accuracy and at a fast speed. Our current court interpreter system offer certified court interpreters fully competent in the legal subjects including all vital technical terms and complicated lingo to meet your demands.


Escort Interpreting

Escort interpretation involves the services of a personal translator who escorts you on excursions to foreign countries or who accompanies your guests if you are receiving foreign visitors. Escort interpretation also requires that the qualified interpreter be well versed in social customs and expectation as well as the language of the appropriate nation. Language Pro can connect you with highly trained escort interpreters to accompany you or your visitors as traveling companions on both personal and professional excursions in a number of countries.


The highest support network with immaculate quality assurance are the features, which sets us apart from other language companies. Whether you need specialized conference or a personal escort interpreter, Languages Pro can assist you with the highest level of interpretation services available. Contact us to learn more today!


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