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Swedish language is as diverse as Sweden is. Holding the distinction of being national language of Sweden, it is also spoken as official language of Finland (along with Finish) as well. Approximately 10 million people use Swedish language as mode of communication. Total alphabets in Swedish language are 29 in which 26 letters are basic Latin whilst the three other letters are Å/å, Ä/ä and Ö/ö.


Languages Pro knows that translation and interpretation is a much needed activity in modern times. Translation is a challenging yet rewarding process and Swedish Translation services by Languages Pro, LLC are of highest quality in almost every human field be it Swedish Medical Translation, technical, legal, scientific, or judicial. For the past many years, we have been providing professional translation service across the globe at a combination of top quality and economical prices.


Languages pro provide quality translation from Swedish to English and vice versa. Most of our permanent customers order our translation and interpretation services on an on-going basis as they truly believe in our professionalism, dedication, quality, and all time availability. We have swarm of accredited and certified translators and interpreters who have substantial knowledge and limitless experience in their concerned fields. We provide translation services from Swedish to more than 100 different languages which include French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages.


Our vast network of highly skilled translators will translate your technical, commercial, or legal documents /websites effectively and accurately. Whether you need normal Swedish translation Services or you opt for Swedish Legal Translation, we can help you in varying levels of complexity to fit your specific requirements. Our huge production capacity and global scope allow us to handle large translation projects without risking deadlines. If you want to translate your audio files into other languages, we can do it on economical rates.


Reasonable translation rates, quick turnaround and guaranteed satisfaction are such attributes you cannot ignore. Every document or website that we translate is completely proofread by a native translator to ensure flawless quality at the end. You can blindly trust our experience and reputation.


If you are looking for a company that is conversant in all types of translation and interpreting services then you cannot miss us. For any further enquiry from simple document translations to business interpreting, click or call us anytime. We will be extremely happy to assist you with our experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders and researchers.

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