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We aspire to create a whole new world without any language barrier



Translation is the heart of our business. We help companies, government agencies, and individuals communicate effectively around the world and across media on diverse projects. Using the brilliance of our language breed, we provide certified translation services in the following categories:




Basic Document Translation

From a simple paragraph or one page document to lengthy case studies and e-books, Languages Pro gives you fast, accurate translation services from a qualified linguist. Basic translations can come in any format, including documents, reports, essays, even novels. Trust our experience and give your entire document translation jobs as well as other legal translation workload to us. We dare to give you the quality as unique as fingerprint.

Web Site Translation

People are many times more likely to purchase products online if the products showcase is presented in their own language.We offer Web site translation services that range from a single landing page to the localization of an entire Web site into diverse languages. We take basic translation a step further with our Web site services, giving you a team that understands the cultural methods of online communications for each country, appropriate native keywords for SEO and navigation techniques for your multi-lingual Web site.

Technical Translation

We translate all types of technical contents across all cultures with ease. We provide certified translation services with fast turnaround, speed, and precision. For the sake of providing linguistic accuracy, our professional translators will provide entire document translation into your mother-tongue language.Our experts can manage even the most complex technical documents. We understand scientific techniques and styling for manuals, books, product spec sheets, software instruction, CAD and Visio drawings, white papers and more. Our translators are well versed in the technical terminology of your industry.

Medical Translation

Medical and pharmaceutical texts are often hard to understand in even the source language, so it becomes even more important that medical translations are accurate and complete. Medical professionals count on us to give them translations that are on target the first time, every time.

Legal Translation

Languages Pro handles contracts, terms and conditions, confidentiality agreements, legal filings and transcriptions for legal professionals around the world. Detail and accuracy are key components of our legal work, as is a prompt return. We manage every nuance and possible interpretation for binding legal documents in any industry.  Covering all aspects of other legal translation works, language pro is fast becoming the choicest choice for the legal departments in various businesses. In order to provide highest standard in translating services responsive to the changing needs all across the globe, we always strive to cross the distance between 99% and 100%.

Marketing and Advertising Translation

Our teams understand the concepts and principles of marketing and advertising and how they differ between cultures. We can translate separate pieces as well as manage entire campaigns that include deliverables like brochures, flyers, magazine and other print advertisements, Web sites, e-cards, and newsletters. We can also assist your marketing team with cultural expectations and best practices in the countries you want to reach.  We can effortlessly provide certified translation services in any time zone.

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Our Mission


The mission of Languages Pro is to become the most trusted translation agency to provide quality focused translation services and interpreting resources in the shortest time possible to all of our clients.

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